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a long introduction

Heyyy I just realized I never actually introduced myself on here! My name is ###### but you can call me Azrael! Azzie for short. I'm 21 years old (I turn 22 in July... *shivers*) so please no minors, and I use He/She pronouns. I'm Venezuelan but I've been living in Chile for a few years now and I'm soon moving to Argentina (Mr. Worldwide), so my mother tongue is Spanish. I'm mostly self-taught in English, I only started formally studying it in 2022 because I'm in uni to be an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher!! Yippee!! But yeah, Tumblr taught me all I needed to know.

I'm a gay genderqueer trans man. I started my social transition in 2016, and in 2022 I finally got to start HRT, so that's almost 2 years on T now!! I've been doing queer activism locally for about 4 & 1/2 years. El orgullo no es fiesta, es protesta y resistencia!! I hope I can keep doing it for the rest of my life, I want to give our youngest the safety and acceptance I never had as a kid.

I'm autistic so like... Don't be an a-hole about my autistic traits ig?? I also fall on other spectrums of neurodivergence, including psychosis. I haven't had a "serious" episode in years, but I still wanted to make it clear that if I start acting weird or seem incoherent it might just be that.

My main hobby is drawing, but I like producing art in general!! After much deliberation here's my carrd, I was a little scared to link my other socials here but hey, I need to sell commissions. I also like roleplaying so it might not come as a surprise that I have a lot of OCs, I'm always open to talk about them if you want to listen, and I'm always open to listening about yours if you're open to talk!! Who knows, maybe we could even make some together!! And oh! Another one of my Big Hobbies is cooking, it's also a love language of mine. AND LASTLY!!!! I'm a big fat stoner so if you're uncomfortable with that... Sorry ig???

I like a little bit of everything when it comes to media, I can't dance to save my life (my Caribbean ancestors would be and ARE ashamed), but if I could I would be perreando to everything from Arca to Teen Suicide. I like dramas and comedies and horror movies, animation scratches my brain and musicals make me want to get up on the table and sing my heart out until my out-of-tune pubescent voice is gone. By taking one look at me some days (not most By Far) you may think I'm a hardcore goth, and I do adore goth music, but I have to admit I feel like a bit of a poser sometimes because it's just one of the many things I enjoy, and you can find me listening to Vocaloid more often than Siouxsie.

I think that would be all! I can't really think of anything else to say. Enjoy some pictures of me, my can Serafín, and my art!!

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