Little rant about my school...!

So basically, my school is a mixture of fun and awful. Most teachers dont realize that we are kids that are still learning, trying to BE kids, trying to not worry all that much, we like to have fun,ETC.

recently ive been so stressed out bc first, the school sent my parents a latter threatening court over 6-8 DAYS of not being in school. out of 170 days of being at school i missed 6-8 days bc yk im a human that gets SICK. and the teachers are just...ew. My reading teacher is the WORST. she's a mean teacher. listen, i dont want to be one of those kids that sound mean, and doesnt relized that some teachers may seem mean blah blah. BUT, still. most teachers are mean and some dont care about the kids. the amout of the times ive seen kids get bullied,haresed, and hurt infront of teachers and they do NOTHIN..anyways thats it for now!!

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