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my laptop shat itself, part 2: electric boogaloo

i think this is the moment i become a PC nerd. fuck it, i will buy my own components, i will build my own PC, i don't care anymore, u shitty laptop!!! i bought it exactly so i DON'T have to worry about hardware, compatibilities, chips and soldering. and here it goes, after a bunch of nerdy diagnostics it seems like my laptop commits the moment the GPU is put under any stress whatsoever. 

thank god i still can do stuff like write and code, but my gaming addiction is being HARMED tremendeously. there ain't no way i will have to go without my sweet gacha mmo dailies, they are a part of my routine now, god please save me. i guess i will have to resign myself to more *creative* things, like drawing, coding and *gasp*, reading books??! at least until the issue is fixed. man, i'm way too broke for this.

anyway, i'm drawing a creature with a head of a kitten and a body of a centipede. my darling questions my sanity. also we started watching 'monster', the anime. and dungeon meshi, since i loved the manga. anyway, cheers.

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