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i dont think i like loona anymore... sort of

let me preface this by saying that i dont dont like loona, if that makes sense. i still feel positive over loona and im always going to check out whatever they do next in terms of music... ill always consider myself an orbit, c.loo, kkoti, and ourii but...

1. its getting too hard to keep up

this one to me makes the most sense out of all the reasons i feel. having the girls split up into 4 different companies and them actively doing activities that overlap, its getting hard and a tad-bit stressful to keep up with.

2. the boycott

ever since the boycott started (fuck bbc btw) i havent really had it in me to listen to anything from loona, while yes there was non-streaming options, i still felt bad considering everything the girls went through, so my interest overtime shifted which is a bit unfortunate but expected

3. (twitter) orbits

theres so much i can say here so its going to be a big bulk of what im going to be talking about. one of the things that drew me into loona were orbits, seeing how loyal they were to their girl group felt really nice and that they were being sincere. so it really disappointed me to see orbits turn into a toxic cesspit of shitty opinions and complaining this past year alone. kpop twitter alone is a nightmare - especially with the "boycott" thats going on right now - but this actually pushed me over the edge. ive noticed that they complain, a lot, and its gotten to the point where im starting to think they like complaining more than the girls themselves. especially after a few members signed to jaden jeong's company. twitter orbits still hate jaden jeong with a BURNING passion and i genuinely cant wrap my head as to why. the nft shit is a little disappointing but its a business model, something that does not technically* have an effect on the girls. jaden jeong is not the evil man stans on twt have painted him to be- all problems ive seen directed towards him from when i got into them (late feb, march 2022) were ALL on the CEO of bbc. heres a really good post discussing those claims. from what i know the only thing he did was pick out the music (which they love) and the concepts. i dont think he did anything else outside of that. i dont want to make this look like a post defending him as he has plenty of faults that should be noted but i dont think hes that evil. i dont think the members of artms would sign to modhaus if he was, theyre all adults who have experience in this industry who jsut got out of bbc. theyre not gonna turn around and repeat the same thing again, theyre not idiots.

this could also be my experience but i dont think they actually support loossemble as much? i dont see many posts about them and theres no solidified account for their posts (fromm, fab, etc) outside of orerry who posts everything. im extremely disappointed as theyre my fav from the split, and people always harp on how theyre 12 but i never see anything for loossemble outside of a handful of posts- it feels very minimal in comparison to the posts ive seen about chuu and artms. again, this could be my experience, if theres any accounts like that PLEASE direct them towards my way.

anyways those are the problems i have that make me feel its a bit hard to stan loona anymore... i hope theyre justified at least but ive been feeling like this for so long and i finally realize whats going on. sorry for ranting so long about twitter orbits for so long, theyve directly affected how i feel about loona post-split.


ill forever count myself as an orbit since this group got me into kpop and pulled me out of a horrific spot, made me realize i love dancing and all that jazz. its just getting too hard to keep up and twitter orbits kind of suck and thats affected how i feel about the group overall.

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You echo a lot of the same sentiments I had when I got out of kpop. It was just too much to keep up with. The fanbase, no matter the fandom or group, was toxic. Twitter as a whole was toxic and it meant that the main form of fandom interaction was just bad. So much complaining and then placing blame onto people who didn't deserve it. I still listen to kpop and certain groups, but I won't be active in the fandom at all.

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i feel that. im slowly itching myself out of it piece by piece. the only fandom i interact w is NMIXX but that's cause the side im on is very anti-fanwar and seems to be positive mostly, but i don't really dig deeper than that

also nct 127 <3 we should be friends

by julie; ; Report

Yes, NCT 127! :D I love NCT , which also made it hard to keep up because there was so much stuff going on with all the sub units, plus all the other kpop groups I like too.

by Rainie.Dae; ; Report

Franz Kafka

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We lost a soldat

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(/j btw) who’s ur bias? Mine’s vivi

by Franz Kafka; ; Report