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My Layouts

You can find my layouts HERE

As a layout creator, nothing feels better than someone using my layouts, so thank you!

If you have any questions, you can ask here or in the layout comment sections. You can also friend me to send a message if you'd like.

update: 08/01/2021

I'm only going to say this once here: 

If you use any of my layouts as a base, please change more than just the background color or the font. 

Using a layout as a base (to create your own layout and post it on the layouts section and claim it as your own) means you're changing everything about it to fit your own design idea or at the very least a different concept using the same style of borders, box shapes, or format of a profile. 

You can't just change the colors around and the font and then repost a layout and claim you created it. Everyone who has worked on creating various layouts can read the code others do and we can tell who's layout it is based on the code lol it's discouraging seeing someone take a layout I took hours or days creating and then just change the colors/font and then post it as theirs. 

just putting this out there so you guys are aware. :)

also! just because I say you can use my layouts as a base, doesn't mean other people creating layouts feel the same way. remember to ask first before taking a layout and reposting it as yours. 

someone else also made a PSA HERE please read it aswell. thank you!

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dan's profile picture

hi, thanx for your work!

I seem to understand that adding ".details-table td:first-child{display:none;}" hides the interests section altogether. But what if I'd just like to remove a couple of lines from this section, e.g., "television" and "heroes"?

thank you!!!

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Mookie Love

Mookie Love's profile picture

Hi what is the actual code to use for the layout

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chev's profile picture

hi! i was wondering if u have the code/css to get rid of the 'about me' and 'who i'd like to meet' sections?

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yeah its .section h4 {display: none;}

by Bela; ; Report

what if i only wanted to hide the Who i want to meet, but keep the About me?

by Seren; ; Report

check out this blog hidden things

by Bela; ; Report

alaura skye

alaura skye's profile picture

hi, how can i increase the font sizes for my profile info (interests, etc.)?

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font-size: 12px;

by Bela; ; Report

you just have to make sure the profile-info (or other sections) don't already have a set font-size.

by Bela; ; Report