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Homemade Bread


2 parts bread flour and 1 part whole wheat flour

It's a recipe that I altered the shit out of, to keep it moist/fresh for longer and chewy. Like store bread but, obviously better tasting and a hell of a lot cheaper. No preservatives. Unless you consider lard/shortening as preservatives. No egg & butter wash as I find that the egg is for appearance and butter makes it get moldy faster.

I've made bread with bacon grease and that turned out delicious but, only for savory dishes, imo.

Been making all our bread products from scratch since 2021. Last year, I kept doing the technique of rolling the dough into a log and for some reason, I can't get it to seal properly and they would come out with a big whole in the middle. So I went back to my method of just forming into a log shape and smooshing it down in the loaf pan.

I need one of those bread blades but, keep forgetting to buy one.

I don't always make bread with whole wheat flour but, I'm dangerously low on bread flour, so i substituted a cup of bread flour for whole wheat. The entire thing can be made with whole wheat flour but, that means more kneading time.

I would like to try to make rye bread but, don't know if i can substitute bread flour for rye flour. I haven't been able to find rye flour in the bulk section but, i also don't go looking for it. It's not with the other flour so I dunno. Hopefully some day I'll be able to find some.

Easy recipe that you can make with your hands or in a stand mixer. I made all my breads with my hands, for about a year, before I invested in a stand mixer. A Kitchen Aid Professional 600. A lovely device. Mainly used for bread making.

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