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This blog post is pretty negative compared to my other blogs so if you don't like that, don't read it and scroll past it. This has been your warning

It's so clear who's on here to have fun and enjoy spacehey, and who's on here just waiting to stir up shit and complain about people minding their own business, it's ironic since these people forget they can just block people they don't like and move on with their day.

This is true for all social media, but especially on here where there is no algorithm whatsoever, so either you just hate everyone you see or you're just looking for people to hate on

I mean honestly do people have nothing better to do than complain about seeing gay or trans teens on this site being "cringe"? How anyone can think this site is being ruined by queer teens just existing, and not the people being homophobic/transphobic is beyond me

The entire point of this site is to get away from all the drama of big social media sites and curate your own experience, by complaining about shit you can easily avoid you're just recreating the problem in the first place

I'm not saying you can't complain, blog about whatever you want, but if seeing people you don't like and can easily block just exist is enough to get your blood boiling, you might want to genuinely log off and go outside for a bit

And yes i'm aware that by complaining about this i am likely contributing to even more drama but frankly i don't care and just needed to get this out there

Okay rant over, im gonna go watch avgn now, baiibaii have a lovely day

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