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school was fun. and cool. I felt anxiety being a tiny bit late. but relaxed ish. only to forgor my water. so I ran during break. and he was late to start the lab. so I ran for nothing. and was hot and sweaty and angry.
I was happy just chill in school and be myself and not worry though. it was fun.
I forgor to say I uploaded the next ep and that was cool. I also was happy to come over and hang with my sister for a bit. only to watch aot with my brother. and i wanted only to watch one ep. but in the end I felt bad and watched two. It was fun tho and I didn't regret it because I knew I needed not to rush things and to enjoy the opportunities I get. 
I also was having fun with Franky0cean. and it was a nice night. 
Super fun watching everybody hates chris with paige but also was a bit annoying to play battle block theater bc it was being weird and had no audio.

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