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exams coming up, also sonic adventure 2

so i have block 2 exams coming up, yippee (sarcastically) lmfao

my parents expect waaaaaay too fricking high of me, i apparently have to get over 80% in almost all the subjects for them to be satisfied, and i’m so worried about that because my Geography score was 55% during block 1 exams, oh god

anyway, on another note: i’ve currently become a fan of Game Grumps to fill in the void of MatPat leaving game theory in a couple months (still grieving), and i’m now addicted to Sonic Adventure 2. specifically the Chao Garden. can’t believe sega made an entire storyline and different gameplay for 6 characters, and the side pet simulator type mode is what interests me the most. i’m currently evolving a Sonic chao and Nights chao, and a un-themed Hero/Power/Power chao. (my iPad started recommending german words when i wrote Chao wtf)

so yeah, basically EXAMS AND A SONIC ADDICTION

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