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Beef Gelatin


Made beef gelatin today. Used beef shank and boiled it till the meat fell off the bone. Strained the liquid, removed the oil, strained again and boiled the broth till an amber color and thick. Transferred it to a silicone ice tray to harden. Thinking about slicing it and dehydrating it. On it's own, it's delicious. I can eat it just as is. 

Used the meat and made easy dinner- beef and rice with green beans. 

When I did mine, i ended up boiling it down, maybe, a little too much so it's a bit more concentrated than the recipe i followed. I also had more bones as the pack I had was hiding them. I thought there were 3 good sized pieces but, there were 5. They are very firm gelatin cubes. Mine also, wasn't as dark as the recipe/video.  

I'm also keeping the tallow in the fridge, as i don't feel like cooking off any remaining liquid. I don't think there's much left in it but, i'm sure there's still enough in it to make it go rancid, if left at room temp. 

part of me wants to boil the bones again, to see if i can get any more gelatin out of them.

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