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Squish's intro blog!!


I'm squish and this is my intro blog!! i just wanted to create a bit of a more in-depth intro i guess?? really ill just be talking about what i plan on blogging about n such!! you're probably coming from my profile so you should already know the basic info, but if maybe not ill state it again!!


first things first....

My names squish!! im a blk 18 y/o with ADHD (diagnosed) and Autism (self diagnosed!!). I'm aromantic non binary lesbian and i identify with some xeno genders as too!! my specials interests are J-fashion/alternative fashion, FNAF, my OC's and Autism :>> i do indulge in other things though, so i encourage anyone to read my page for all of those!!


now for writing plans!!

honestly ive never blogged before, so i wasn't sure what i really wanted to write about at first, but i figured "you're only on here to do whatever" so i guess ill just write about whatever interests me!! I've already though of a few topics myself!! i really want to go into depth about my identity here, as its what's most important to me right now. i also want to explore topics relating to the blk and ND experience, and how these things can relate to being alternative, and being genderqueer. i  feel like I've thought about these topics for quite a bit so i really am hoping to delve into them on here!! but ill also just be blogging bout random things that come to mind. im an absolute yap god so :333

fat ass rainbow fr

other than writing...

i had a few other things i wanted to discuss were things like boundaries and why i came to spacehey in the first place!! so, why am i here? i actually have a few other platforms that i post on, but i won't be linking them here. i came here because i wanted a place where i could fully truly escape, without fer of any of my friends or family IRL finding out what im up to. i already mask daily, and recently i feel like I'm just tearing myself apart with every new face i put on for different friend's groups and online spaces, so i wanted a place where i could start clean and maybe find who i actually am under all the very thick built-up layers placed on by other people throughout the years :333 this leads me to boundaries!!

1. don't ask for socials:

i ask that you please respect my boundaries and not ask for any of my other socials. if we're close enough and i decide to give it to you, cool!! but for the most part, id like to stay pretty anonymous on here!! if you ask ill say no, and if you don't respect that ill simply block.

2. don't be pushy

I'm ok with answering any questions about how i identify, but if i say i don't want to answer, please don't push me to! i already find it hard to explain things like my gender to other people who might not get it, so if i say im just not up to it pls respect that!! its ok to ask, just pls don't push it :'>>

3. don't be a bigot

this is an instant block for me. im not really willing to have simple conversations when it comes to racism, homophobia, transphobia etc., so if you friend me, and i add you back, and you come to me with any kind of bigoted views, ill quietly block. this doesn't stop people from doing think ofc but its good to let ppl know ig!!

4. age range!!

if youre under 16, pls dont interact! ill most likely decline your friend request. this is nothing against people under 16 ofc. id just feel a bit awkward myself :,> (also, this is an edit so this does tnot go for anyone who im currently friends with. i think at the time of writing this my list is at 86? so the people after that number are the people this applies to!!!)

i think thts really it! more blogs comming soon obviously/ lso, for ny of my current friends feel free to im me! i might not get to you first since im pretty nervouse about that stuff, so if youre willing to wait feel free :3 it not, IM me first!!


im unreal fr!

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