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how to use flashcards

if you don’t know, flashcards is a popular method to study, prepare for exams and learn languages. it included one card, on one side of that you write the term (word) and on the other side the definition (translation). you can find a lot of sites and apps to make those on your device.

so how do you use them properly to make your learning as productive as possible

1. if its possible, make them out of paper (not on electronic device) write the text down personally (don’t print or use someone’s cards). this way you will get familiar with the information before study-session. moreover, writing the text down by yourself makes it easier for you to remember.  

2. if you make them on your device, make sure to actually read, understand the term and get familiar with it, understand the concept behind these words. before making card. do not just copy&paste the definitionit’s the worst thing you can do to your study process. 

3. instead of using the scientific definition, create one yourself. be able explain the term and definition by yourself, use the definition written in your own words.

4. when you use flashcards for learning new words in other language, instead of translations, use pictures of the objects. if you use paper cards, draw them. if you use them on your device, there is one free app i use when im not able to use paper cards that lets you put the pictures for free. if you use translations, when your brain sees the new word, it goes word-translation-the image. however, if you use pictures, your brain goes word-the image, which helps you to learn the images and idead behind the words, not just words :) 

flashcards are good for: terms, learning foreign words, names, historical dates and events, some simple ideas and concepts, reforms, etc. 

flashcards are bad for: complex concepts and ideas, lists, tables, solving math/chem/etc problems, essays, causucal relationship

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what study method would you recommend for biology? also this blog was very helpful! thanks

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biology is very complex subject so it depends! i think flashcards for terms, explaining topic to a five years old for processes and relationships. or the basic method like reading paragraph few times, putting the text away and writing down anything you remember :D then doing it again and again. make sure to write down by your hand and pen not like phone or laptop. its very important. good luck!

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