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Stuff abt me

name: Cody, long time friends know me as Jesse tho

pronouns: he/him

birthday: Novemberrr

siblings: 1 (half brother)

job: no job rn, in high school 

hair color: naturally dark brown

eye color: blue-grey

height: 5’ 3”

nationality: American 

piercings: 1 on each ear, eyebrow, and septum. Snakebites next lol

tattoos: I have so many ideas lol


color: green

video game: Minecraft mostly

tv show: Supernatural, Doctor Who, Arcane

animal: Rats

food: I say sushi but I love too many foods to choose

season: autumn 

song: Vomitando Odio- Rotten Noise

bands: so many, check my profile lol

holiday: Halloween

book: don’t have one yet

flower: lily of the valley


summer or winter: winter

cats or dogs: cats

beach or mountains: mountains 

black or white: black

chocolate or vanilla: depends, but I’d say vanilla

stars or hearts: stars

bracelets or necklaces: both 

gold or silver: silver 

taken or single: single lol

orientation: unlabeled/queer, i heart all genders  

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