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intro / about me ♡ !!

kpop stan list ♡

ult groups : stray kids, G(IDLE) and aespa 

ult bias : lee know !! <3 


stan : newjeans, p1harmony, ateez, ive, xdinary heroes, loona/loosemble/artms, le sserafim, twice, qwer, viviz, enhypen 

bias list

skz - minsung  

idle - miyeon / ot5 (i cant choose i fucking love them all) 

aespa - ningning 

bts - taekook + yoongi 

kiof - julie + natty 

nwjns - hanni + minji 

p1h - theo 

ateez - mingi + san 

ive - rei + yujin 

xdh - ot6 

loosemble/loona girlies - yves + vivi 

baemon - asa + rami 

bp - rosé + jennie 

nmixx - sullyoon + haewon 

lsrfm - chaewon 

itzy - chaeryeong + yeji 

twice - sana + momo

viviz - eunha 

qwer - ot4 biased 

enha - jaywon

about me !!

15. she/her. UK. east african. kinda freaky, heh… (gae) muslim !! i luv music, my favourite genres outside of kpop include mainly rock and rnb but sometimes a bit of pop… i love reading so much, and when i’m confident enough i like writing too. i love listening to music and making my own music !! i like to write my own lyrics and compose every now and then. i absolutely love singing, and i’d like to think i’m quite good at it hehe… i’m in a band and i play the drums !! i can also play guitar — although, i’d be better if i had longer fingers LMAO — and i can also play the piano nd keyboard which i enjoy a lot. i really love anime/manga, short stories and lengthy novels alike, fnaf VHS tapes, watching YT videos on horror games, 2000’s and 90’s films, cute wee cartoony films, playing silly animal games, animals in general, dolls, collecting cute stuff, eating yummy food, cooking/baking when i feel like it, and trying new food and drink… and i love makeup so much !! also idk if this is obvious but i love cute things !! cute people too. anything cute in general. i just love… cute !? 

my fav youtubers are markiplier, kubz scouts, stephanie soo, LABY, flamingo, CoryxKenshin, Beta Squad and probably a bunch more but i forgot!!!

i also have a terrible sense of humour and i will laugh at anything i find funny even if you don’t see what’s funny, so just ignore that !! i type terribly and i make a lot of typos so bare with me !! my fingers are way too fast for my brain… hehe. i can speak english and swahili. 

i’m sure this is already obvious but i’ll say it again, but i stand proudly and will always stand proudly with the people of palestine. i don’t support genocide and ethnic cleansing and no one else should. 

anyways, i just want to make friends or talk to people who are silly and cool too !! 

feel free to comments on my profile or message me on insta or whatever social it is !! my IM’s sadly don’t work which is really inconvenient LOL 

DNI : racists, homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes, pedophiles, islamophobes, pro-israelis, anti-palestinians, zionists, >13, freaky adults, mcyt fans, taylor swift fans, and just assholes lol. pretty basic dni list but you get the point… !! 

my socials 

instagram - @sumeowss

tiktok - @sumeowss

snapchat - @sumeowss

discord - @sumeowss

pinterest - @sumeowss

anyways, that’s me !! i hope you find me cool enough to add me and maybe we can be friends or just have silly (or serious, i can be serious too !! :D) conversations. so yeah !! have a nice rest of your day/night/afternoon !! ♡

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no way really THATS SO COOL do u like maybe wanna message me on instagram u seem like such a cutie i wanna b friends now ^_^ i’d message u on spacehey but my stupid IM’s dont work !

by sumeowss >_<; ; Report

I’ll add u on Discord!!! ^W^

by Rois; ; Report


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NO WAY RLLY... can i have ur insta…pretty pls u seem so nice

by sumeowss >_<; ; Report

thank you !! but omg i don’t have insta (sorry) but i do have discord, pinterest, tumblr !!

by lasvegas2; ; Report

i followed u on pinterest ! nd u can give me ur discord if u wanna talk :D

by sumeowss >_<; ; Report

i sent you a request!!

by lasvegas2; ; Report

omg okokok chill chill i will reply in the morning i dont have my phone on me rn! ty for being so nice omg :)

by sumeowss >_<; ; Report

okay see ya then !!

by lasvegas2; ; Report