Scene kids, what do you wear with a pink skirt???

My mom for Christmas gave me a pink skirt and I’m not really sure what to wear with it…. I absolutely love it because I love pink but idk what to wear!1!1! With it. My mom has no problem buying clothes for me she said even after Christmas so… and also if you tell me what to wear with it I have no problem asking my mom to buy the others to wear with the pink skirt since I have no idea lol xD 

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It really depends both on the style, length and pattern. For the most part, pink pairs well with more pink with more pink for a mcling or y2k look along with light colours in clothing like pastels. Black can easily pair incredibly well with it, making the pink more vibrant and pop with the contrast. But again, really depends on the look of the skirt

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Hi omg im srry didn’t get ur comment in time and my skirt isn’t poofy (i wish it was but in grateful anyway) it’s like a common, normal average skirt.

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