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life plan (i'd better die than be poor, so yeah)

life plan (i'd better die than be poor, so yeah):

Main!!.. [Oh God i need to find a FuccEriN' jObZZah (biZineSS)!! (I HATE LOCALS!! I HATE!!!!!!!)]
Money goals:
Housing: renting apts: ehh DEPENDS....
Education: 400 and 840
Tech: graphic tablet, laptop, iPod: plus ca$h
Clothings and some stuff: HELP

Concepting (topics):
goals: develop urself as ur brand, ur are an individual, jobs- portfolio, thee brand,
Final goals: become popular and be recognized, be rich; branch out ur business into a vast business, apartments in different cities, family, having fun

making portfolio, finding ur name
job, financial stability, purchasing anything i need, falling in Love, traveling
studying 3d art, finding job in my field

moving to europe, buying apartments
family, children, happy life
finances, investing,
having an apartment for rent so when i am old i have money

attending a job, collecting money
educating myself
opening a business
traveling, migrating, moving to europe\
Time-management and online detoxication!
returning back to the gym!

i don’t even have time to finish this post rn, and i don’t want to! Time-management is very important. And also priorities and fulfilment

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