glass castle review

finished my second read of 2024!!! glass castle!! yay!

easily a 5/5 it was engaging throughout but i felt myself really get into it after the first 40 pages. it's definitely a book packed with heavier material but i feel like walls' writing juxtaposes the good and the bad really well. you really do see how the different family relationships evolve and how each character evolves as well. i think it's a book where everyone had a happy ending in some sense.

you do get pissed off at the parents a lot though considering the fact that they had the means to get their family out of this situation, but just never utilized them. but ultimately the kids' progressive distrust in their parents and eventual separation shows how it kinda did help their relationship since they were all able to reminisce on good terms.

i think it's a great read for people that like memoirs like educated, although this one wasn't really about religious ideologies. definitely tw for alcoholism, neglect, and sa, but other than that it's a read that i def recommend.

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