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New Work schedule...

 Eugh.... 1/18/24 So my job started back up and I took up 9 hour shifts at subway for 3 days straight....I wanted to work full time but..--


 Like pardon my French, but holy fucking shit, man...

  First day was no big deal, just glad to be back into it. 

 Day 1: Damn it's only been 4 hours?? yeeesh...

Day 1 Done: Alright my legs hurt but day one done..!

 Day 2 a few hours in: Okaaay this is starting to suck...

 Day 2, 5 hours into it: OKay my neck and shoulders and legs are killing me...How am I gonna do a whole 'NOTHER day of this shit...

  Day 3: Alright, let's power through this shitstorm..

  Day 3 a couple hours in: God, My legs ALREEADYYY hurt???

 Day 3, 5 hours in: That's it man, I'm gonna just die, now..

 Day 3, 6 hours in: I have energy again?? Is this like a runner's high?? Am I going mental??

 Day 3 DONE: Holy shit, I'm gonna decompose as soon as I get home.....

Me as soon as I got home:

 I need to seriously talk to the manager about my schedule, I can't do this shit, man.

 Just, not back to back like this, I need it spaced out a little damn, more, man......

Wish me luck...!

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nyah <3

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omg good luck .. i would die after one 9hr shift at my job

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bro fr, I felt like I was.. but then I got a good night's sleep and used my massage gun and feel all better again. I go back in 3 days to do it all over again haha...

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