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The story behind the name

Let me tell you the story behind my name.
Obviously Beethoven isn't my real name, it's a nickname that I got a long time ago when I was in highschool. This was freshman year and so I didn't really have many friends and was pretty shy. I decided to check out the anime club because well I like anime and maybe I'd be able to make some friends. Randomly someone at the club decided to give me a birthday party invited just cause why not. Well, i like parties so I decided to go. Now I thought it was gonna be some crazy party with drinking and chaotic whatever because I've never been to a highschool party but it wasn't any of that. It was mostly just playing smash bros and eating pizza. At one point during the party some of the guess form a nerf gun game in the house and I joined in. We gave ourselves codenames and I decided to call myself "Beethoven The Assassin". Now why did I pick this goofy ass codename? I was going through some weird historical hyperfixation in freshman year. I have some art to prove it but thats for a later time lol. Anyways since no one knew my real name since they just met me they just kept calling me Beethoven and the nickname stuck because after that party we all became friends. The person who invited me to the party I'm still friends with! And thats kinda a summary of how I got my nickname c:

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