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A-Z About me!!!

(Found this online so idk who the real creator is but cheers to u!!)

About Me A-ZΒ 

A. Age: 13

B. Best Friend: Toby, Star, Jen, Piage

C. Currently: in need of a nap 😝

D. Drink/smoke: nada

E. Eye Color: blue!!!

F. Fears: insects, thunderstorms, loneliness :]

G. Games: Splatoon, Omori, minecraft,Β 

H. Height: 162 cm

I. Instagram: don't have one yet but hopes soon πŸ˜‹

J. Job: i don't have a fr job but I babysit and get hired for commercials sometimes???

K. Kids or no: no and I don’t want any :)

L. Least Favorite Color: lime green (makes me feel icky)

M. Movie You Love: ahhh there's so many!! But I love old Disney classics!!

N. Nicknames: mads, maddy da baddy (long story lmao), ann

O. One Wish: TO SEE MY GF SOON 😭😭

P. Pets: 1 sweet doggo and 4 kitty cats

Q. Quote You Love: β€œI keep it all inside because I'd rather the pain destroy me than everyone else."

R. Relationship Status: taken :3

S. Siblings: 2 little sisters

T. Time You Wake Up: 9 am on a good weekend but 6 am on weekday

U. Unknown Fact About You: uhh I'm insanely unstable but I push it all down πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

V. Vacation You Loved: going to NYC when I was 8!!

W. Worst Habit: biting my lips, "forgetting" to eat, picking at my skin

X. X-tra Fact About You: I loveee the outdoors (especially woods and mountains)

Y. YouTuber You Love: kallmekris, westbrouck, carter kench

Z. Zodiac Sign: aries!!!!

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