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☁️ sweet, sweet fantasy ☁️

hey there

☆-🎬 -☆
i'm lav! 25, e-girl, living in a fantasy. 
the scene phase wasn't a phase, it's a lifestyle. 

✨ pro-nouns: she/they 
✨ neuro-diverse (ADHD)
✨ bisexual 

i make vanilla content 🍦 and spicy content 🌶️

- streamer
- singer
- model
- 🌽⭐
- relatable content with a side of dark humor

find it all here

i enjoy dressing up and being the person 16 year old me would've been obsessed with. 
i'm super goofy, bratty, sassy, and most likely high and anxious.
i'm looking to connect to people with similar vibes.

let's be friends ^-^ 

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