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movie list (30 days)

★ movies 30 day list !

movies may repeat

letterboxd: cyborgonmars2

day 1: first film you remember watching

E.T the Extra Terrestrial

day 2: a film you like that starts with the first letter of your name

Swing Girls

day 3: a film that has more than five words 

Easy A

day 4: a film with a number in the title


day 5: film where character has a job you want

The Devil Wears Prada

day 6: favorite animated film


day 7: film you never get tired of

Diary of The Wimpy Kid

day 8: film you like the soundtrack

Empire Records

day 9: film you hate everyone else liked 


day 10: superhero film

Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse

day 11: least favorite genre(u liked)

(Romance) She’s the Man

day 12: favorite genre(u hated)


day 13: film that put you in deep thought

The Virgin Suicides

day 14: film that gave you depression

The Banshees of Inisherin & Train to Busan

day 15: film that makes you happy

Sugar & Spice

day 16: personal film

Linda Linda Linda

day 17: favorite sequel


day 18: film with favorite actor

(yōsuke kubozuka) GO !

day 19: film from your favorite director

(sofia coppola) Marie Antoinette

day 20: change your life

(any movie) Little Miss Sunshine

day 21: film you dozed off in (?)

Five Nights At Freddy’s

day 22: film that made you angry

(not a film but the actors were 2 good) GTO

day 23: film with dead director


day 24: film you wished to see in theaters

(parent probably wouldn’t let me) Priscilla

day 25: film not set in current era


day 26: a film that’s adapted

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

day 27: a film that’s visually striking 

The Grand Budapest Hotel

day 28: a film that made you uncomfortable 


day 29: a film that made you want to fall in love

La La Land

day 30: a film with your favorite ending

Swing Girls

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fun fun fun fun! happy happy happy happy!

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saltburn making u uncomfortable is so real... it was weird (but good!)

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LMAOO yes !! it was still good + actors were amazing !!

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