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Things are going better :]

So, I haven't cut myself in A COMPLETELY MONTH,I know it isn't a lot of time but this is incredible to me alright, This was thanks to my dear friends and amazing experiences with them <3

Uhhmm,also, I think I'm felling much better with myself,I mean, I started to do some exercise, I talked about many things that hurt me with a really close friend ( R) (I'm not going to write his real name huh), some things that I have never told anyone... Man,thank you so much, I don't think you're reading this but THANK YOU, YOU ACTUALLY HELP ME,, I'm so grateful for meet you ☆!!!!!

My mind feel much fresh yk, sometimes I feel bad af but not like before, I started to think some solutions for that thoughts. I would sound like a monkey but I really start to THINK 🗣️🗣️‼️‼️

I am always having conversations with myself, and it is motivating to realize the great change in emotional mentality when I think about what gives me bad times.

That's all for today I like to see this great change on me,keep strong y'all ^_^!!

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