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get to know me!!

haiiiiiii im oshii or you can call me mar/marshal!!!!

(here is my pronoun page)

euuuuuum if you do not want to look at it i mainly use they/them but any will in fact do

i am actually the biggest fan ever of girls love anime/manga so if you know ANYTHING about ANY OF THE STUFF ABOUT IT I WILL LISTEN OR MAYBE RANT ABOUT IT A BIT

my special interests also incluuude trucks, cars (especialllyyyy motorsport), aand animal crossing but yeah GL is the main one

i am a major theatre kid

my fav musicals are heathers and mean girls

i've seen wicked, mean girls, and hadestown live!!!!!!

anyways now to gush more about my special interests if you even care:


"Bloom into you" is my fav manga of all time! Girlkissers or not it is amazing!!!
(you can see how much i love it with my MAL profile here)

i also collect the light novel for "Adachi and Shimamura," although so far i only have up to 6.

I have read all of the "I'm in Love with the Villainess" series!! Working on getting the novels in my collection!!

my other favs include "If I Could Reach You," "Even Though it was just Once, I Regret it," "The Summer you were There," and "I Can't Say No to the Lonely Girl."

my fav brands are Peterbilt and International Lonestar!! thats abt it, i only play ATS lool

for motorsport, I am a Ferrari fan. (depressing, i know)

my fav drivers are CL16, MV33 (or 1, i know he changed his number but i feel like 33 is just beettteer), DR3, and FerNYANdo Alonso 14 (soorreey i needed to do that)

besides F1, I've been getting really into rallycar!! (mainly 1, not 2) It is so awesome. I do not know many drivers though, I just like seeing the onboards.


I have been playing since new leaf! It's my fav in the series. idk my friend code, but if you want to add me i'll be happy to! I have played all games in the series (except for that stupid amiibo festival one ://) my fav villager is Roald, but i am actually named after the squirrel guy but shhh do not tell anyone..

Thats it, thank you sooo much for reading i hope you dont mind my gushing!!!!

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