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fe304: break by nmixx review

okayyy!!! sooooo i was really hyped for this album and it did not let me down!!!

starting off w dash, the title track!! i think the instrumental is amazing and it's just the perfect style for nmixx!!! the genre switch for the bridge honestly flows really well and im starting to think they're doing this much better than debut days. its like a song that reminds me of like driving around in the city i like it so so much 10/10

sonar (breaker), its been out for a good month and it gets a little tiring but its still good to listen to in full! it's a really hype song that makes me wanna dance!! they did the genre switch really well here as well so it gave me a lot of hope for this album! 9/10

run for roses!! i was a little confused on my first listen but i like this song a lot better after listening it to a little bit more. it kinda gives me a western vibe but its still really good at getting me hyped up and excited. 9/10

boom... arguably the worst song off this album.. i like the main part of it and i still dont know how to feel about the genre change quite yet. i think it's growing on me though but until then 6/10

passionfruit!!!! okay this song is so like dreamy i love it smmmm 10/10

xoxo... the most anticipated off this album for me!!! it's such a calm and dreamy song and it lives up to expectations! 10/10

now onto break the wall! it's a cute song it makes me wanna scream from a rooftop!! 8/10

overall this was a really good album, i'd say the main skip is boom but i think it'll grow on me soon enough

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