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NWA Performing at a Preschool

The preschool teacher announces to the class: "Children, today we have some special guests who will perform some songs for us. Please welcome N.W.A.!"

The children clap and cheer as the rap group enters the stage. They are wearing their signature black outfits and sunglasses, and they have microphones in their hands.

The teacher says: "N.W.A., what song are you going to sing for us today?"

The leader of the group, Eazy-E, says: "We're going to sing a song called 'Straight Outta Compton'."

The teacher says: "Oh, that sounds nice. What is Compton?"

Eazy-E says: "Compton is a city in California, where we come from."

The teacher says: "I see. And what is the song about?"

Eazy-E says: "It's about our life in Compton, and how we deal with the police and the gangs."

The teacher says: "Oh, I see. Well, children, let's listen to N.W.A. and learn something new about Compton. N.W.A., you may begin."

The group starts to rap the lyrics of the song, which are full of profanity, violence, and misogyny. The children are shocked and confused by the words, and some of them start to cry. The teacher is horrified and tries to stop the performance, but the group ignores her and continues to rap. The parents, who are watching from outside, are outraged and demand to speak to the principal. The principal arrives and apologizes to the parents, and orders the group to leave the school immediately. The group leaves, but not before throwing some insults at the principal and the teacher. The children are traumatized by the experience, and the teacher is fired for inviting the group to the school.

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