Chill Goals for 2024

It's taken me like three months to figure out that I am (once again) trying to do too much lol
Anyway, I'm 30 and my life is in shambles NR, but my brain makes me feel like it is any time I get overwhelmed
(which is, like, all the time lol)

Taking a look back at last year, I can say that I have improved at eating more consistently, but we're still working on dinner on my nights off. Might look into getting a toaster oven(since my oven died[the stove still works, so that's good]), but I'll see if Nana has a spare in the garage or if I can get one at a thrift shop before looking at new ones. 

It's almost tax time, and I already have a list. Though most of it is just cleaning supplies, plastic storage bins, a bed vacuum, and maybe a new pair of harem pants and bathing suit (I honestly have no idea where my bottoms keep going). Still thinking about that collapsible dishpan w/ draining plug, washboard, and mini handheld washboard. I'm not saying I'm going to be homeless again, but it's generally better to be prepared and keep camping/travel friendly items available. Plus, those washboards will come in handy when I only need like one specific item cleaned (work clothes).

Back to goals; let's start w/ accepting that I am NOT capable of all that I would like to be capable of everyday, and that, that doesn't make me of less value than anyone else. Nor should I allow myself to feel bad b/c other (ignorant) people feel that I should be capable of more b/c they are or did all of this, that, and everything else when they were my age.

Otherwise, my goals are pretty basic and chill:
CleanStarted the 5 minute clean hack. Where you just pick a specific object/area and set a timer for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes is up, either you've built up enough to momentum to keep going, or you can stop if you aren't feeling it. As the fellow spoonies say, "done is better than perfect"
ReadAgain, nothing outrageous. Just like one chapter or 15-30 minute
Meditate5-20 minutes of active meditation should be fine; though I actually tend to spend half of the day in a semi-meditative state whether I'm thinking about it or not anyway *shrugs*

Should also clean out my big water bottle; if I have something to drink, I will drink as compulsively as I vape (and should considering the cottonmouth vapes cause is worse than weed lol)

I'd also like to look into online classes in cybersecurity if I have enough to afford it after getting everything I actually need first. If not, I'll just start looking at stuff for the kid's birthdays

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Nice goals, and keep it up. Sounds like things are getting better for you :) I always want to get a washboard and wash clothes by hand, I honestly think it's something everyone should try and do. I just get frustrated with the drying, especially in winter and spring because I live in a damn swamp and nothing dries lol.

Have you ever used one of those mini dryers?

And here's to hoping that anyone who's been homeless before will never let that happen again! And hoping that the people who are currently can get back on their feet. Happy (Solar) New Year!

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Thank you :) Sustainable progress always feels nice. Honestly, I think everyone should have some type of basic survival knowledge of how to do essential things like cleaning and cooking w/o electricity. On another note, a book recommendation: "Laundry Love" by Patric Richardson

I have not, but I've definitely looked into them, because I also live in the land of swamp and humidity lol

Hear hear!
Happy (Solar) New Year!

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I will try to find it, thanks for the recommendation. Just found one of the pages for pre-treating clothes, seems super helpful.

by SLIM GRIMS; ; Report