When Tony Soprano and Hank Hill meet

Tony Soprano and his family are visiting Texas for a business deal with a local crime boss. They stay at a hotel near Arlen, where they meet Hank Hill and his family, who are also staying there for a propane convention. Tony and Hank strike up a conversation and find out they have some things in common, such as their love for football and their pride in their sons. Tony invites Hank and his family to join them for dinner at a nearby restaurant.

At the restaurant, Tony orders a round of Coca-Cola for everyone, but Hank declines and asks for a Sam’s Cola instead. Tony is surprised and mocks Hank for drinking a cheap knock-off of the real thing. He says that Hank is a penny-pincher who doesn’t appreciate quality. Hank defends his choice and says that Sam’s Cola is just as good as Coca-Cola, if not better. He says that Tony is a snob who wastes money on overpriced products. The two men get into a heated argument and start insulting each other’s lifestyles, values, and families.

Meanwhile, Bobby Hill and AJ Soprano are sitting next to each other and find out they have a lot in common, too. They both like video games, comic books, and rap music. They also both feel misunderstood and pressured by their fathers. They bond over their shared interests and frustrations and start to develop a crush on each other. They decide to sneak out of the restaurant and go to a nearby arcade, where they have fun playing games and talking. They end up kissing in a photo booth, unaware that they are being watched by a jealous Connie Souphanousinphone, Bobby’s former girlfriend.

The episode ends with Tony and Hank still arguing, while their wives try to calm them down. Bobby and AJ return to the restaurant, holding hands and smiling. Connie follows them and confronts Bobby, accusing him of cheating on her. Bobby says that they broke up a long time ago and that he likes AJ now. Connie is furious and slaps Bobby, then runs away crying. AJ defends Bobby and tells Connie to leave him alone. Tony and Hank notice the commotion and stop their argument. They see their sons with each other and are shocked and disgusted. They both yell at their sons and tell them to stay away from each other. They grab their families and storm out of the restaurant, vowing to never see each other again. The episode ends with a freeze frame of their angry faces and the words “To be continued…” on the screen.

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