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About me!!! :]

Hiii!! My names Maddy but I mostly go by Mads (trying to figure out how to tell ppl but lets let strangers know for now ig 😂) I'm 13, I rly love psychology, true crime, books, ppl I know, and musical theatre. I loveee the color purple its my spirit animal!!! I'm kinda bad at reading ppl but I rlyyyy wanna meet new ppl so hopefully there's some beings who will match my energy.

 I am a bit of an introvert (INFP) so I might not talk a ton or might is rant out through bulletins, who knows?? I love most animals but insects r a no-go (no hate Im js terrified 😅). I absolutely ADORE rain and clouds but thunderstorms scare me a bit lol.

 I get excited over random things and might seem a little crazy through my bulletins bc I might laugh abt smt one second and then rant abt childhood trauma the next (dont blame me I'm not very good at reading the room 😭). I will try to match energy with ppl but I might fail :]

Im taken by my gorgeous gf so pls no frfr flirting <3

I usually rant abt ed or sh and bullying so if any of that is triggering pls don't friend!!!

Id love to get to know nice ppl so if ur kind to me I'm kind to u :3


Homophobes (I'm insanely queer u guys)

Transphobes (dont u dare come for my bbgs!!)

Toxics or gaslighters



Pedos (no. just no.)

Kinda iffy:

Ppl who don't warn when saying triggering things (lets not traumatize 😭)

Pplz over 18 & under 13 (if I friend u ur cool dwdw) 

Pls be my bestie:

Ppl w similar interests

Fellow homosexuals (queers uniteee)

Indie alt music lovers

Funny pplssss (make me laugh and u have won my heart)

All around caring and supportive ppl

Pls friend u guyssssss 😁😁🙏🙏

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