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[R] Drone Delivery Despair

A game about a drone doing deliveries in a city. It's pretty simple, but such simplicity leaves one with a lot of time to think. The game felt slow and contemplative, the city was desolate and bleak. In this game's apocalypse, roads don't need to exist, infrastructure is only buildings. People cannot travel and rely entirely on drones delivering items to their house. It reminded me that neon lights exist when no one is there to see them, rain still falls when no one is outside to feel it, and lives still go on when there's no one left to perceive them. In isolation we continue to exist, in death the world must go on. This game lives up to all 3 words in the title.

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did u just made me fall in love with a game that doesnt exist????

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It exists, do you want a link? https://kenforest.itch.io/drone-delivery-despair
it's pretty small, so you choose how much you want to pay for it on the download page. You can download it for free if you just want to check it out, but please consider donating.

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