Tony Soprano and his N64 with his wrestling game

Tony Soprano is feeling nostalgic and decides to buy a Nintendo 64 with a wrestling game from a pawn shop. He also orders a large pizza from Dominos and a 2 Liter of Dr Pepper. He plans to enjoy a relaxing night at home with his favorite things, but his plans are interrupted when he gets a call from his lawyer. He tells him that he has to appear on WXXI's Homework Hotline, a local TV show that helps students with their homework, as part of his community service. Tony reluctantly agrees, but he doesn't want to leave his stuff behind. He decides to bring everything with him to the studio, including a bong with weed that he hides in his coat.

At the studio, Tony is greeted by the host of the show, a nerdy and cheerful man named Roger. Roger is excited to have Tony on the show, but he is also nervous about his reputation. He tries to act friendly and professional, but he is clearly intimidated by Tony's presence. Tony, on the other hand, is bored and annoyed by the whole situation. He doesn't care about the show or the students who call in. He just wants to get it over with and go back to his stuff.

The show begins, and Roger introduces Tony as a special guest. He asks him to say a few words to the viewers, but Tony just grunts and nods. Roger then proceeds to take the first call, which is from a girl named Lisa who needs help with her math homework. Roger tries to explain the problem to her, but Tony interrupts him and gives her the wrong answer. He tells her to multiply instead of divide, and then hangs up on her. Roger is shocked and tries to correct him, but Tony doesn't listen. He says that math is useless and that she should focus on more important things in life, like wrestling.

Tony then takes out his Nintendo 64 and plugs it into the TV. He turns on the wrestling game and starts playing. He tells Roger to join him, but Roger refuses. He says that they have to help the students, not play games. Tony ignores him and continues playing. He gets so into the game that he starts yelling and cursing at the screen. He also takes out his pizza and Dr Pepper and starts eating and drinking. He offers some to Roger, but Roger declines. He says that he is allergic to cheese and that he prefers water. Tony mocks him and calls him a nerd.

Meanwhile, AJ is at home, flipping through the channels. He comes across Nick GAS, a channel that airs old Nickelodeon shows. He sees that they are showing Homework Hotline for some odd reason, and he decides to watch it. He is surprised to see his father on the screen, playing a video game and eating pizza. He is even more surprised when he sees him take out a bong and light it up. He can't believe what he is seeing. He wonders if his father is high or crazy. He also wonders if he is in trouble or not. He decides to call him and find out.

AJ dials the number of the show and waits for someone to answer. He hears his father's voice on the other end, saying "Hello, this is Tony Soprano. What's your problem?" AJ is stunned and doesn't know what to say. He hangs up the phone and stares at the TV in disbelief. He sees his father look at the phone and say "Who was that? Some punk kid? Forget about it." He then resumes playing the game and smoking the bong. AJ feels a mix of emotions: anger, confusion, embarrassment, and curiosity. He wonders what his father is doing and why he is doing it. He also wonders what will happen next.

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