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i cant decide

I'm having a hard time deciding my style,during summer of 2023 I have been leaning towards a more whimsical,artsy look based on late 90s/early 2000s fashion and Zooey Deschanel,with long skirts,dresses over jeans and colorful patterns,colorful/glittery eyeshadow,thin eyebrows and lip liner,here are my main pinterest boards for clothes n makeup:

clothes: https://pin.it/7IlBSf3e5

makeup: https://pin.it/2Ya0QVngs

shoes: https://pin.it/2qQ6gegrh

but now im questioning if i want to have more of a trashy,girly 2000s look,i don't have any clothes that fit into that category and i feel like it would be a drastic change but i really want to try it out 🙁

heres a rushed pinterest board i made of the style im talking about:


i dont really have clothes of either style,but i would like to decide so i can slowly change my wardrobe,90% of my clothes are thrifted or stolen from my family lol but i would like to have a consistent style,i love doing my makeup but my outfits are usually dogshit,another style i had kept in mind was an amanda palmer,dark cabaret,1920s inspired look,sort of like this:


it sounds good in theory but i doubt id really dress like that since i would rather have a style in which i dont have to worry too much about my outfits and instead i can focus on my hair and makeup,another thing is my hair is really short right now so i feel like to look good in any of these styles i would have to wait for it to grow to a decent lenght

anywayss,thats about it,id be really glad if anyone wants to share tips about changing styles

thanks 4 readingg xoxo 💋


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