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"I'll figure it out though"

everyone i know is nervous, sad, and poor

they're too busy for life
they have a job

they're too stressed to live
they lack a job

they don't believe in the future
except for a job

they just want to exist
they need a job

some are too tired. some are too weak. some can't find the time. some have far too much time.

and they keep saying, "I'll figure it out"

but everyone i know is still nervous.
but everyone i know is still sad.
but everyone i know struggles to pay rent.


in a short time, i'll likely be homeless and street bound.

i've no motivation
i've no hope
i've no safety
i've no desire to do anything but live as i do

but, we cannot
that is not the world we live in
that is not what this world is for
we are here to profit or die, else profit and die

i can't create the will to participate
maybe something is wrong with me
maybe i'm just lazy.
a good for nothing layabout.

my family is estranged
my friends, too busy
(the distance don't help)
i sometimes wonder if death would be easy

but, hey.

"I'll figure it out."

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ill figure it out

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