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Well shit

Sometimes I want to just lay in the middle of a highway.

Might a car run me over.

The asphalt will be my bed. Forever my blood covering the sheets red.

The eyes that lay upon me light red to with a shimmer of that blue.

The same blue that deep dark blue I feel it consume me.

Every day I just don't know how to fix it.

I'm like a doll...

But no amount of stitching no amount of glue no amount of paint. Will ever fix me 

 I was bright my life was a light. I was a light so they said.

But now I'm just a deep black hole sucking in all the negatives all of the bad and then I release it.

I'm simply a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I want nothing to do with the smile on your face as I want nothing to do with me myself and I.

I despise anyone I glimpse of care for 

I despise them for making me feel something.

I hate myself so equally I hate everyone else

My bed of asphalt take me

Or let me soar through the air with no more despair a beautiful sight to see.

Tears flying from my face as I fall deeper

Falling in to a peaceful place once again.

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