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INTRO!! : 3


   I am Cori anndd this is my introduction!

    I go by any pronouns so whatever u see fit! 

    I have alot of interests! I WILL DO FASHION BLOGS!(Yaaaayyyy!!!)

     You mioght be able to tell but I love the cure and scott pilgrim! 

           I collect Bratz dolls so u mighth see some content of that!

                      I also love crystals! 

    I read comics ! Mostly Dc! My fav villian is poison Ivy and my fav superhero is wonder woman!

                             I grew up on mlp, lps, and monsterhigh!

                            THATS IT DUDES! 

pinkie pie bounce :3

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como pones el gif de hello kitty,la musica y el borde de computadora window??

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