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I got hacked so I made a new Discord account (Warning of a Discord scam)

So I got hacked on Discord becaus of a scam long story short the scam is about a "tricket" that would be sent to you be mistake which caused a ticking timebomb situation but it was scam but the person that sent it to you got hacked because of this scam don't listen to them because they got hacked they will tell you to ask a bot which is also a part of a scam and tells you to change your email PLEASE DON'T DO IT BECAUSE THAT WHERE YOU CAN GET HACKED!!! however thats not the only thing the scam asks you to purchase a verification for Discord for 150$ but that still the scam if you don't do it then they will hack you be locked out of Discord, Because of that I have to make a new Discord account.

So that's why I made a new Discord account called en2k5 please avoid my old account on Discord which has the username that I am using (elinery2005) because it's hacked so be careful guys. Don't get fooled and don't get hacked.

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