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Max Caulfield Head-cannons šŸ“· Life Is Strange

Max Caulfield Head-cannons šŸ“· Life Is StrangeĀ 

These are my Head-cannons! Its toally fine if you don't agree with them, this is just my interpretation :) Also feel free to comment your own! I would love to see them,,, ALSO ALSO some may be inspired from other people on reddit! I think the second last one might not me mine!

ā™” Bisexual (lesbian hc is also so cute)

ā™” Fav artist is Syd Matters

ā™” Climate change advocate

ā™” tea > coffee

ā™” generally, Max doesn't take pictures of people, but when she does it will always be one of her friends, even in her professional career.

ā™” Fav animal is a deer (obvi)

ā™” Works at a coffee shop on Sundays

ā™” Fav month is October

ā™” INFP

ā™” 18

ā™” Will sometimes show up to class with blue hands because she dyed Chloes hair the night before. She purposely doesn't wear gloves and kind of takes it like a badge of honour

ā™” Has terrible night vision

ā™” Do NOT. let this girl near the kitchen. The only thing she can make is the worst grilled cheese known to man.

ā™” Hates the planet of the apes movies but keeps it a secret from Warren until they are playing truth or dare one day.

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