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Dear Blog,

Its 2am right now. I went to Chilis earlier and had some dinner, it was pretty good. I never ended up going to the movies earlier, because the Mean Girls that is on is a musical and i dont like musicals, and The Hunger Games didnt seem like something i want to watch idk. I might go and watch Harry Potter (The Sorcerers Stone) on sunday. Thats about the only thing that im interested in watching that they're going to be playing.

I still havent journaled for today yet, technically yesterday. Im not sure what im going to write yet, but i always figure out something. I'll probably just ramble on about Greys Anatomy like i always do. Im going to try and keep up with both journaling, and blogging on here aswell. I think i like the idea of blogging on here. Im not sure if i'll keep up with it, but i'll definitely try.

I hate my sleep schedule. I fell asleep earlier, i cant really remember around what time, maybe 9 or 10? Anyways, I woke back up not that long ago and im sure I wont be able to fall back asleep until like 7am. I really need to fix this. Atleast i didnt have my doctors appointment rescheduled for today (or yesterday, i guess) And i wont have it rescheduled for tomorrow either, i dont think. Good. I hate doctors appointments. Even though i know what its for, my birth control shot. I still hate going to the doctor. It wastes so much time.

I havent really talked to him much. I still send him a message almost every day. I never answers, still. I sent him a message asking if i should just give up, and he replied. It wasnt the nicest reply in the world, but i guess i deserve that. But that is the only reply he's given me in days, maybe even weeks now. But he didnt say i should give up necessarily, so thats good. I think if he did want me to give up, he would tell me. I just need to find more to say to him then just "im sorry" or something along those lines. I just dont know what to say to him that can fix what we are now. Ill have to figure that out i geuss.

SpaceHey is pretty cool. I still havent gotten the layout i requested, but waiting patiently. I really want to try to make my own layout. But i have absolutely no idea how that works. I mean- I know how it works. Its the coding and hmtl and stuff like that, but. It just seems really complicated to me. But maybe its worth it. Ill definitely look into it, though.

Until Next Time,


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