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Sudden username change (addressing the reason)

Hey guys! It’s me Angel so you may noticed the username change and I’m rebranding all my platforms to be like this expect spacehey doesn’t allow swear words :( so my insta is xXrottenb1tchXx expect the 1 is an i and my YouTube is Sceneb1tch101 expect the 1 in b1tch is a i too and sorry for not like being active for some reason it won’t let me post blogs with photos in it? I tried showing my Halloween pics but it won’t let me :( but it’s on my insta! And for some reason the mic on YouTube isn’t working because since my iPhone broke (again 7-7) I’ve been using my iPad for everything but on iPad YouTube has a inbuilt camera and I use tjat to make vids but the mics broken on there :( and idk how to fix it,it’s been like that since august😭 and I just started high school in august too! I’m officially a freshmen and I’m the only scene kid at my school who dresses scene anyways but that’s all! Cya l8r!!1!11!1!1

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