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Hello!! I made this account because I have a HEALTHY obsession with Super Mario^^ I'd really like to meet more mario fans, and people who are mario characters! (Like people like me, but different characters<3) Please don't interact with my posts if you are going to be rude or harass anyone in my comments. I really don't like bringing up the block button but if I have to, I will! Either way, I will interact with anyone as long as you aren't in this list!




🍥Homophobic non religiously (Meaning if you are homophobic and you have no religion or your religion doesn't require that, DNI!)



🍥You hate on dogs

🍥You hate on cats

🍥You don't respect people's styles, music taste, or opinions (Unless they are simply unacceptable) 


🍥Israel supporters

🍥"Neutral" people

🍥Fuzzz99 fans/supporters

And I think that's all! If I don't agree with you I won't add you! Anyways I'll interact with anybody!

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