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blog post #1 ,, - object show !

I don't rlly blog a lot -- this account is a first ig ,, 

Working on an object show called OFF-LOVE ! I need more animators n background artists but other than that I'm set ,, I'm designing characters atm so that's cool ! I'm not sure when it'll b released, but I'm hoping it'll happen in the next few months ,, - Wish my random ass passion project luck :o

2 go a tiny bit more in depth on the idea ,, OFF-LOVE is abt a highschool girl (she's 17) running away from home after getting in an argument with her mother. She ends up stumbling into an alternate dimension and realizes that it's actually shit there - she sets a goal for herself to save herself and everyone living in said dimension ,, :p

idk how this idea will b received by "the public"/osc but I hope it'll b up 2 the current standards ,!! <3

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