epik poem

my beef with spotify

by maaurn

i sit and listen to

a song i've heard a

thousand times before.

it's familiar and warm,

but i hate the voice that

ruptures my eardrums

"want a break from

the ads?" 


yes i do but you

are not helping

you just record a stupid

voiceover and call it

a day. but what do i do?

i sit and hear you speak

every two or three

songs. and its not

only you but

its the fifty other

ads that follow yours

before i get to listen

to the home depot

beat again.

i go back to

my player and

put in my cd

but i dont intend

on listening to

it for long

i go and pirate

a song off a website

and burn it into a new cd

and then i put

it in the player

and i enjoy the

home depot

beat once


i still stand by

what i said, i do

not want the ads

as you sit in

your recording

booth and

do nothing new.

i still stand by

what i said

spotify sucks.

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