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byf + dni

i'm seeing other people do this so i'm gonna so it so er yeah !!!

꒰ basic info ꒱

♡┊ kitty or kiki

♡┊ any pronouns

♡┊ 14 years old

♡┊ sapphic girlflux

♡┊ white arab

♡┊ autistic

♡┊ english fluent + basic french and arabic

꒰ before u follow ꒱

♡┊ i'm not active here that much, but i try to be !

♡┊ politics is a heavy interest of mine, tho if u try and debate/argue with me i'll just block you

♡┊ speaking of politics, i am a marxist if that gives u a clue on what side of the political spectrum i'm on

♡┊ tone indicators are very appreciated !

꒰ do not interact/friend me if ꒱

♡┊ ur an adult

♡┊ besides from the obvious stuff (racist, transphobic, blah blah blah) thats it

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