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am i the only person who feels bad for lolcows? like at all? most if not all of the time, lolcows are just mentally disabled people. thats it. and, as usual, neurotypicals just HAVE to milk it because its funny, which, most of the time, just aggrivates the lolcow even more, sometimes turning into a horrorcow (commiting crimes, deep lore etcetc),,,, dont get me wrong, ive even shared some chris chan memes, true, but its so sad seeing people irl getting laughed at for just existing. obviously, if theyre like.,,, a pdfile or whatever (novaonline, tophiachu, paul breach and any other major lolcow u can think of) then i guess its alright, to an extenttt.,,,, but when its an innocent kid or someone tryna live their life?? thats just sad. like i saw some kid at his school who im pretty sure was autistic, bowing and lauhing like an anime character while some guys recorded him and asked him stupid questions, just to get some content. its so so sad - sure ive laughed at some lolcow vids but thats when theyre horribe people, not when theyre just people tryna live.

idk this is a ramble its been bothering me + its 2am so ignore spelling mistakes honk shoo honk shoo

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