The sad thing Abt being aro

Is i really really really want a partner, I want to kiss someone and have s physical relationship but i can'tΒ 

Β I have the want but not the need if that makes senseΒ 


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Or being grayromantic and liking someone but knowing they dont like you back, like..
they'll tell you about this person that they want to date and how much they like them,, and then you listen to it knowing you won't be the one they want, and wondering if you'll ever find someone who gives you the same feeling like they do. knowing that it'll be another 5-6 years before you meet another person who cares like they do ,, and even then it's not gaurenteed you'll be able to catch feelings.

(also, you could be cupioromantic and not aromantic! i'm personally grayromantic leaning on cupio :[ )

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man. i feel this. it could be so cool to live with someone who could hug me and tell me that they love me

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Exactly !!

by I love you >__<; ; Report