Fezco slapping Rue's mother

Rue's mother, Leslie, has been suspicious of Rue's drug use for a while. She notices that Rue often comes home late, has mood swings, and avoids eye contact. She also finds some pills and syringes in Rue's room. She decides to follow Rue one night and sees her entering Fezco's house. She waits outside and confronts Rue when she comes out. She demands to know who lives there and what Rue was doing inside.

Rue tries to lie and say that Fezco is just a friend, but Leslie doesn't buy it. She storms into Fezco's house and finds him and Ashtray counting money and drugs. She accuses Fezco of selling drugs to her daughter and ruining her life. She threatens to call the cops and take him to jail.

Fezco and Ashtray are not intimidated by Leslie. They mock her for being a bad mother and not caring about Rue. They say that Rue is a junkie who needs them more than her. They tell Leslie to get lost and leave them alone.

Leslie is furious and slaps Fezco in the face. Fezco retaliates and slaps her back, harder. Leslie falls to the ground, bleeding from her nose. Rue, who followed Leslie into the house, witnesses the whole scene and is shocked and scared. She runs to her mother and helps her get up. She apologizes to her and says that she wants to get clean and never see Fezco again.

Leslie hugs Rue and says that she loves her and wants to help her. They leave Fezco's house and drive to a rehab center. Rue checks in and promises to stay sober. Leslie stays with her and supports her through the process. Fezco and Ashtray watch them leave and shrug. They go back to their business and forget about Rue.

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