Tony Soprano kills Ashtray and Fezco from Euphoria

Ashtray and Fezco are in New Jersey to meet with a new supplier after Mouse’s death. They stop by a pizza shop where AJ works as a manager. AJ recognizes Ashtray from the news as the kid who killed Mouse, a notorious drug lord. AJ decides to confront Ashtray and demand some answers. He follows him to the bathroom and starts asking him questions. Ashtray is annoyed and tells AJ to mind his own business. AJ gets angry and tries to grab Ashtray, but Ashtray is faster and stronger. He punches AJ in the face and knocks him down. He then kicks him in the ribs and stomach, leaving him in a bloody mess. Ashtray walks out of the bathroom and tells Fezco they have to go. Fezco pays for their pizza and they leave. AJ is found by his co-workers and taken to the hospital. Tony and Carmela are notified and rush to see him. They are shocked and furious when they learn what happened. Tony vows to find Ashtray and make him pay. He calls his contacts and learns that Ashtray and Fezco are staying at a motel nearby. He gathers some of his men and heads there. Meanwhile, Ashtray and Fezco are getting ready to meet their new supplier. They have a brief conversation about their situation and how they have to be careful. They hear a knock on the door and think it’s their supplier. They open the door and see Tony and his men pointing guns at them. Tony tells them they made a big mistake messing with his son. He orders his men to shoot them. Ashtray and Fezco try to fight back, but they are outnumbered and outgunned. They are both shot multiple times and fall to the floor. Tony looks at their bodies and spits on them. He tells his men to clean up the mess and leave. He then calls Carmela and tells her he took care of the problem. Carmela is relieved and thanks him. She tells him she loves him and he says the same. They hang up and Tony drives away. The episode ends with a shot of Ashtray and Fezco’s lifeless faces.

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