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MASP - são paulo museum of art

4 days ago, january 5th, i went to são paulo

here are some digicam photos and thoughts !

first of all, i just want to say that sp is a beautiful city

you dont need to go to a museum to see art, it is everywhere

são paulo is rich in street art, if you have the chance, please visit !

it has great architecture too

now lets talk about MASP [first photo mine, second, from wikicommons]

the exhibition happening on the first floor and second subsoil galleries is "indigenous histories"

presenting "different accounts of indigenous histories from south america, north america, oceania and scandinavia, through art and visual culture, curated by artists and researchers who are indigenous or have an indigenous descent, bringing together works of multiple media, typologies, origins and periods, from the period before european colonization to the present." -MASP


it was beautiful ! amazing ! \(^ヮ^)/

the two first pictures are from the 1st floor and 2nd subsoil, the 3rd is me on the stairs and the 4th one is from melissa cody: webeed skies, shes a navajo woman and part of the fourth generation of textile artists in her family, having her own exhibition

i saw so many incredible art, both related to cultural practices and indigenous resistance !

now lets go to the long-term exhibition

the artworks are on glass panels, you can get behind them and see the informations, so cool!!!

[ sorry for the portuguese names, i really dont want to seach for the english of all of them :p ]

candido portinari.... seeing his art made me speechless

and was incredible to see van gogh !  and monet as well ! and tarsila ! (˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ   truly a dream !

im sorry for these weird cropped, bad quality pictures

these are really big paintings, i couldnt get a great photo :/

but theyre beautiful ! the second one shines bright red, images cant capture the feel of seeing it right in front of you

well, thats what i have to show

i hope you enjoyed it

you can check MASP's collection here

thank you for reading ! have an amazing day :)

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eu sempre tive um sonho de morar em sp, eu acho tao lindo, de vdd mesmo!! se tudo der certo, em 2026 to ai fazendo faculdade de musica haha (socorro)
e eu amo muito fotografia tbm e suas fotos ficaram maravilhosas

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é lindo demais!! quero fazer faculdade la tambem, espero que voce consiga realizar seu sonho ♡
que bom que gostou das fotos, muito obrigado!!

by aster ✮⋆˙; ; Report

#slaughtered sal

#slaughtered sal's profile picture

vc eh mto sortudaaa eu nao cnsigo ir nem ali na eskina pq meus pais SEEMPREE estao na minha cola >_>

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nossa é tenso :// pior que meus pais eram assim ate eu comecar a ir pra escola sozinha, ai viram que eu consigo me virar, mesmo assim nao liberam muito por que é perigoso *-*

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eu até vou sozinho pra escola, mas meu pai tem q me seguir uns 12 metros atras d mim igual um stalker pra ver se eu nao vou ser sequestrado lols eu queria poder ir pra qualquer lugar affff

by #slaughtered sal; ; Report

pelo menos ele tem cuidado
perigoso andar na rua hoje em dia, principalmente na nossa idade :p eu tenho medo

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Nossa parece ter sido divertido! É meu sonho ir conhecer SP, parece que você nunca fica entediado ai kkkkkkkk

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foi bem legal! eu espero que voce consiga ir um dia, tem muita coisa pra fazer
eu queria poder ir mais vezes

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ingeborga :3

ingeborga :3's profile picture

aster, isso foi incrivel!! :3 voce parece ser uma pessoa muito inteligente!

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muito obrigado! agradeco muito de verdade :D

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SP eh taoooo bonito. fui algumas vezes para shows entao nunca vi mt da cultura e arquitetura. obg pelkas fotos, estao maravilhosas !!!

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é mesmo muito lindo espero que um dia voce possa ver a arquitetura de perto :) que bom que gostou das fotos !!
que shows que voce foi ? :>

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THE CITY'S ARCHITECTURE AND BEAUTY IS SO WONDERFUL AND AMAZING GOOD LORD. i loved the last painting by roberto and the indigenous exhibit is truly incredible. its cool to see that its backed entirely by indigenous researchers! thank you for sharing these photos and memories i hope u had a good time :0)

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I AGREE the entire city is beautiful you need to see the avenida paulista's architecture SO COOL
the exhibits were all so culturally and temporally sensitive, really nice to see
its my pleasure to share! thank you :^)

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you took such lovely photos !! the indigenous exhibition in particular looks so interesting, I enjoy seeing all the different stories the artists tell through their unique styles

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thank you! this exhibition had so much to show, i love art !!

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sososo cool!!!

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im glad you liked :D

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Σ(°ロ°) Meu Deus !! Que bonito ! Esses quadros são muito lindos, eu admiro muito o modernismo daqui do Brasil. Nunca fui pra São Paulo, mas essas fotos me deram muita vontade de ir... Acho que minha próxima viagem vai ser essa!

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espero que consiga vir pra ca! tem muitos lugares lindos, principalmente os museus :]

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