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boyfriend...thought it would fix everything but no.

i am too stupid.

i do everything wrong.

i love him. my boyfriend. ive loved him for a long time.

i just thought a kiss would fix everything.

but it didnt.

i still cant move.

i still lie in bed when im not busy drinking.

i still mourn the death of the girl i once was.

i cant even speak right

all i do is stutter when i talk.

all i do is stumble when i walk.

i feel so bad for him.

he shouldnt have to deal with a girl like me.

a girl who cant even clean her room.

a girl who cant get out of bed.

a girl who will never amount to anything.

a girl who once couldve been the perfect bride

but has drifted far...far... away

how selfish of me to take such a wonderful person for myself.

he calls me the most beautiful girl in the world

but how am i supposed to be believe that when i am so dirty?

my wings have been torn off,

and all thats left is bloodied, crimson-brown rotted scabs.

i can still feel the feathers.

squirming under the skin on my back.

im so sorry you have to deal with such a girl :(

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