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it is 4pm, jan 8 2024.

keeping this nice and short. power went out saturday so i went on a walk and my grandma showed up and i had 2 go w her. sunday i when back home but the power went out AGAIN and i sat in the darkw  my candles 4 like 5 hours b4 me and my mom went out 2 town and waited it out. there was a whple tree on the powerlines????????? anyway today i got super upset bcuz Alexis was being Alexis and being rlly mean and shit and i was Trying 2 yap abt milgram but she wudnt Stop Being MEAN ABT IT . like i said i got upset but i kept that shit 2 mysle f and i have not uttered a word since. also im hungry but Nuh UH im dealing w it. finny OUT

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